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Learn about the ancient practice of Tarot in this interactive afternoon workshop with esoterist and occultist, Amanda (AKA The Witch)

Are you curious about Tarot, the lore that surrounds the cards and its readers, or what it means to read and understand each card?

Whether you have a deck that you work with already but are ready to take the next step, or you are brand new and curious about what Tarot really is, and how it can help to heal and gain insight for you and those around you...

Tarot 101 with The Witch Down The Lane will both answer your questions and give you a firm foundation from which to build your tarot practice.

In this 3 hour interactive course we will delve into:

  • the history of Tarot

  • the makeup of each suit

  • associated numerological correspondences

  • exploring The Fool’s Journey

  • an understanding of the 22 Major Arcana cards

  • the ethics of Tarot

  • discussion about how to read logically and intuitively

  • meditations relating to reading

  • Tarot spreads and types

along with many experienced tips and tricks to get you started reading for yourself and others!

A reference booklet of all information covered in this course will be provided.

We have a few ticket options available, either $99+GST for "Bring Your Own Deck" if you already have the traditional Rider Waite Deck, or $125+GST for a class seat, plus a brand new Rider Waite Tarot Deck to use in the class and take home with you.

This event is open to everyone and anyone interested, no previous experience or knowledge is required.


Space is limited, so please don’t hesitate to reserve your spot now!

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