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We're dedicated to addressing our environmental impact no matter what scope our projects are.

That means...


no foam

All our floral designs are foam-free in an effort to reduce the damage of microplastics created by the widespread use of foam in the floral industry.


fun fact - one block of floral foam has been equated to 10 plastic bags

Read more about this serious issue here.

Image by Jason Leem

local flowers

We work with local flower farmers to reduce our carbon footprint and bring you the freshest blooms during our growing season.

We ensure that any imported flowers we use for the rest of the year come from commercial growers who pay fair wages and provide safe working conditions for their employees.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Neven Krcmarek
Image by J Lee

no chemicals

We do not support the use of any bleached, dyed, or 'forever' botanicals as they are produced at the cost of individuals who work with harmful chemicals that are neither good for us humans, nor the earth.

*** On a case by case basis, we will sometimes spray fresh and dried florals in-house if deemed necessary for design purposes. In these cases, we encourage our clients to repurpose all sprayed pieces, or we reuse/properly destroy the material ourselves.***

Beautiful Nature
Transparent Glasses


Whether it's a floral vessel, installation & styling materials, or a vintage piece of furniture for your home, we believe in upcycling wherever possible.


This not only gives used items in good condition new life, but diverts waste from our landfills.

**BONUS! If you choose to return your upcycled floral vessel in clean & reusable condition, you'll receive 10% off your next floral order!**

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