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photo by Natasha Bohemian Photography

studio space rental

Our ever evolving studio space is conveniently located near Entrance 7 at Kingsway Mall and available to rent for your photography, videography, and event needs Thursdays to Sundays.


Donning a bold black and gold interior with dark floral wallpaper, a large Baroque mural, authentic antique decor, and Gothic Victorian accents in every corner, our moody studio space proudly stands out from all the rest in Edmonton.


If you're looking for a particular setup, we're also happy to tailor the space to suit your vision. We provide wraparound design services that include set styling & event design, setup, teardown, and creative direction. That means come the day of your booking, all you have to do is show up and have a good time.


Custom design and wraparound services are priced by quote so be sure to e-mail us at with a few concept photos and a detailed outline of what you have in mind, as well as how hands-on you'd like us to be.

If you're a pro who has everything they need, just fill out a booking request below! All inquiries are responded to within 2-3 business days so be sure to plan ahead.

rental rates


$420/day (8 hours)


  • private use of the studio space and all vignettes

  • access to all props and plants on the floor

  • change room access

  • light cleaning fee

not included

  • photography, videography, or A/V equipment

  • access to our private wardrobe or prop closet

  • cost of any damage to items

  • heavy duty cleaning

  • design services

Remember to account for any setup and teardown time as needed.
Use of any boutique items that are for sale in the space is strictly prohibited. 

Please submit the form below for all rental inquiries.



Owned and operated by an artist who is a spiritual practitioner, our studio space doesn't just look like magic - it feels like it too. With protections in place and regular energetic cleansing, the BUD + BLOOM studio is perfect for:

Workshops, Circles, Ceremonies, and Celebrations


Booking Request Form

Please note that this is an inquiry only. We will be in touch within 2-3 business days to confirm availability and approve your booking. Bookings are not considered valid until a rental agreement is signed and your fee is paid in full.

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