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Image by Pascal Meier

It's time to bring your soul home.

Join us for a free introductory session on Sacred Space Creation.



Presented by Nora Salem,
Owner & Creative Director of BUD + BLOOM

Nora has been putting together sacred spaces for the majority of her life. What began playfully and naturally as a child became a deeply intentional and fulfilling process when she stepped into her spiritual gifts as a practicing witch. She is inspired by authenticity and believes wholeheartedly in the power of mindful design that is tailored to individuals rather than the latest trends. For the last 5 years, Nora has been offering design services and consulting to all those who want more out of the florals, photos, and spaces in their lives and she is so excited to share more about the beautifully personalized and life-changing process of Sacred Space Creation with you.

What we'll be covering:

I'm ready to call my soul home!
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