Valentine's Bouquet (Designer's Special)
  • Valentine's Bouquet (Designer's Special)

    We're excited to offer a few designer's special bouquets for this fast approaching Valentine's Day! If you've found yourself in a bind, not knowing what to get your loved one (or yourself), and you just aren't feelin' traditional flowers...we've got you covered! 

    These hand-tied bouquets are thoughtfully designed with unique flower combinations, dried accents, and come with a customizable card for your beloved. Photos for size reference only.

    Simply choose between a red dominant, or white dominant colour scheme and leave the rest to us! 


    Pickup & delivery will be scheduled accordingly. Please provide accurate contact information so we can notify you when your bouquet is ready. EFT payments are preferred so we don't incur PayPal service charges. Select 'offline payment' at checkout and email upon order completion.
    within Edmonton city limits
    outside of Edmonton city limits