Buddy Bouquet

Buddy Bouquet

A weekend special designer's choice bouquet of seasonal blooms, hand-tied and crafted from the heart to help our Owner & Creative Director, Nora Salem's, fur friend survive his recent emergency veterinary visit. Read on for a note from Nora. 

Edmonton city limits only. 
Outside of city limits, including St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain.


On May 1, Buddy, my 6 year old fur baby was hospitalized for what we now know to be severe pancreatitis with a diabetic complication. Thanks to COVID-19, I am left in an incredibly humbling situation as BUD + BLOOM is crippled by the weddings & events industry taking one of the largest economic hits.

While I'm actively working on adapting to this, my financial situation has left me presently debilitated with this unexpected cost for my lil' Bud. I don't believe any pet parent should be put in a position of deciding life or death due to a lack of finances so I have relied on some very generous friends and family to secure his care with their credit cards, and have most recently just taken out a loan while I scramble to get the funds to be able to pay for the final bill.

I'm a firm believer in animals being family and that the commitment we make to them is lifelong, not dependent on circumstance so I have created this bouquet to help cover his bill and am looking at creating a fund in his name so that BUD + BLOOM can help dedicated pet parents who find themselves in a similar heartbreaking dilemma. 

Your compassion and support during this difficult time is so appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of mine and Buddy's hearts. For more detailed information on Buddy and his current state, please follow along here

  • Care Instructions

    For the longest lasting bouquet, make sure your beauties are placed in a clean vase/container with fresh water. Use your flower food to prolong their life and, as a little secret, use 1/4 of the reccomended amount the package at a time. 

    Every 2-3 days, trim the stems of your bouquet at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors, change the water, and clean the vase/container to avoid bacteria buildup which will shorten the life of your flowers. Removing any foliage underneath the water line helps keep bacteria at bay as well. 

    BONUS: If you find any of your flowers wilting, try giving the stem a fresh cut and placing them in the hottest water your tap can muster! This is especially effective with hydrangeas but works for many other flowers, too!


  • Return Policy

    Since flowers are perishable items and the longevity of bouquets and arrangements depend on proper care once they are in your hands, all sales are final.