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why myrtle?


Myrtle is an incredible evergreen in the eucalyptus family with an even more heavenly scent than its trendy, Pinterest famous cousin.


Jewish mysticism actually believes myrtle to have carried over the scent of the Garden of Eden itself.


For serious. It smells freakin’ good.


Like all plants, it also has various spiritual uses depending on your personal practice and belief system. In mine, I cherish it for its harmonious aspects.


It’s excellent for ushering in change with grace and aiding with transformational new beginnings, and can be enjoyed both fresh and dried, making it the perfect plant spirit to start the year off with.

the card


Your 2022 Tarot Card is a handy little tool calculated with your birthdate. It gives you insight into the overarching theme that 2022 holds for you which will (hopefully) make the lessons within easier to embrace.

the witch


Spirituality has always been a big part of my life and I'm so excited to be stepping out of the broom closet with this first ever magickal offering through BUD + BLOOM. 

May it bring you peace, guidance, and strength.

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