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design services

Design is so much more than just making things look pretty or on trend. It's fine-tuned creation that feels like an extension of who you are. It's an art form that reflects your values and makes a statement. When you're in the presence of good design, it feels like you've stumbled upon an otherworldly sanctuary that supports you in reaching your highest potential. I'm happy to help you experience this with my wide ranging design services that are supported by my varied background in psychology and the arts. My focus is on helping others aesthetically define who they are and visually express themselves.

The best designs are created when passion and purpose come together.

I believe that when we live in alignment with our authentic selves, we are able to create lives that are not only successful, but also deeply fulfilling. I'm here to show you how art and design play a part in that. Whether your home or business needs a vibe check, you're a brick and mortar wanting to up your window display game, or you're an artistpreneur who wants to feel seen through their branding - if you're ready to create something that feels like a raw and true expression, I would be honoured to help you achieve it.

-Nora Salem

Owner & Creative Director

we offer so much, because we have so much to offer









a Black woman with an afro bun surrounded with greenery about to light a ceramic bong by Oak & Earth Creations

creative direction

Creative direction is the process of taking an idea and turning it into reality. Creative directors most commonly deal with photoshoots, brand identities, and multimedia creative projects.

After assessing the client's needs, the creative director is the one who comes up with the initial concept and oversees the entire creative process from start to finish.

They put together the right team members to execute the work required and oversee all aesthetic decisions relating to the project.

In short, they're responsible for ensuring that the finished work is true to the client's original vision and meets all of the necessary requirements.

Creative direction can take a project from good to exceptional and is an essential part of any creative endeavour.

If you're:

  • Feeling like your brand is aesthetically missing the mark

  • Sitting on an idea for a standalone artistic project because you feel stuck

  • Wanting to target a specific demographic in your marketing campaign

Creative Direction is likely the service you're looking for. Consultations are $300 and include a one hour meeting, a defined objective and design brief, and a project proposal.

a pregnant woman with a greenery crown around her bun in a milk bath with white and neutral coloured flowers surrounding her as she cradles her pregnant belly


Styling is all about creating a certain look or feel for a photoshoot, brand, or space. It's not just putting together the right outfits or curating the right decor and accessories, it's being able to visually  convey a desired message.

Styling can elevate your project by making it more appealing and engaging. It can also help to create a more professional look with a defined style that sets you apart. When done well, styling can make a massive difference in the feel of a home or business and the success of a photoshoot or marketing campaign.

If you:

  • Have a space that feels stale and is in need of a refresh

  • Feel overwhelmed when styling your photography clients

  • Need help making your brand more visually interesting

Styling is a valuable investment to consider. Consultations are $150 and include a one hour meeting, project proposal, and mood board.

custom installations

The beauty of flowers is that they can be enjoyed in so many ways. They can grace a dining room table, add colour to a wedding ceremony, or simply brighten up a desk at work. But for those who want to take their love of flowers to the next level, floral installations are the way to go.


Floral installation is the art of creating large scale floral displays in homes, businesses, and other public spaces. Designs can be as simple or as elaborate as the client desires, using fresh, faux, dried, or a combination of materials. No matter what you have in mind or where a piece is going, floral installations are guaranteed to create that 'wow' factor you're looking for.


This service is for those who deeply appreciate the beauty of flowers and love having a one of a kind statement piece.

Consultations are $150 and include a one hour meeting, mockup with two edits, and a project proposal.

a black geometric wall sconce with a visible industrial bulb on a wall covered in a dark floral wallpaper


A well-designed space can enhance your mood, inspire creativity, or create a sense of peace and calm. When you walk into a room that has been carefully designed, you can feel the positive energy that has been put into it. Similarly, when you walk into a room that has been slapped together, you can feel like you just want to walk right back out.

Many people see interior design & styling services as a luxury, something that is only worth the investment if you have money to burn. But the truth is that piecing together your environment can be a very spiritual experience. It's about creating a space that reflects your innermost self or what's core to your business. It's a beautiful dance where the designer finds the balance of form and function; aesthetic appeal and practicality. 


Following suit with our other design services, our interior services are tailored to your unique needs and style.

If you have a space that makes you feel like walking out every time you're in it - now is the time to transform it into something truly special. 

Consultations are $150 and include a one hour meeting, mood board, and a project proposal. 3D renderings are available at an additional charge.

a ghost chair with a lush floral installation on the arms
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