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To change the world through an intentional approach to art & design that inspires authenticity and fosters community.


To show others how impactful it can be to approach all visual aspects in their life from a more meaningful place that is not centred around the latest trends, but rather, rooted in genuine expression.

Image by Allec Gomes
the studio

Located in the heart of Kingsway Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, BUD + BLOOM is a Visual Arts Studio fuelled by a passion for unique and meaningful design.

And also, coffee.


What began in 2019 as Canada's first ever cannafloral boutique has blossomed into an artisan space specializing in custom floral design, creative direction, and space creation...with a sprinkle of spirituality.


Owned and operated by multi-disciplined visual artist, Nora Salem, BUD + BLOOM works with carefully selected creative teams on a contract basis dependent on each project's individual needs. Interested in being put on our call list? Hit that contact link below.

For cannaflorals, please note that foliage is included free of charge, however, any and all consumable cannabis products must be provided by legal aged clientele and signed off on prior to being incorporated into designs.

TLDR; no, we're not a dispensary.

We just make dope art and do dope art things.


Have a project or event you need help with outside of Edmonton?

Let's talk travel!


Get in touch today.


must be of legal age for cannabis incorporation

Nora Salem _ BUD + BLOOM _ Creative Director
nora salem

owner & creative director

Born in Egypt and raised in small-town Alberta, I've always tried to relentlessly follow my labyrinth of a heart. After exploring the many varied paths of Fashion Design & Merchandising, Graphic Communications, Fine Art, Psychology, and Floristry, I became well aware that I wasn't only a social butterfly, but a creative one, too. And since there isn't really a place in our current society where we're allowed to just be and do the things that feel right to us on an ongoing basis, I decided to start my own business so that I could get away from being boxed in by labels. Finally, I can let my creative freak flag fly.


Without Mary Jane, I literally and figuratively wouldn't be here to write this. She has stood by me on my darkest days, as well as my brightest. She's guided me through my ruts, and all the way to my epiphanies - always connecting me with the truest and most beautiful parts of myself. And for that reason, I consider her one of my greatest plant allies on a daily basis.

So, even when the cannabis plant isn't visible in my work, her spirit is undoubtedly there.

In my spare time, when I'm not awkwardly writing 'about me' blurbs, I enjoy cuddling up to my feline beasts, Dexter & Buddy, taking off on impromptu adventures, redecorating my home, and sleeping.

j bio pic.jpg
j. rage

resident photographer

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been creative, imaginative, and have had an eye for aesthetic; whether it was having to own action figures with the best physiques and outfits, drawing self-invented fantasy creatures, or watching shows and playing games that I later realized no one else my age was watching/playing (eg. Spawn and Diablo)
In my teenage years, I still expressed my creative side through drawing, styling video game characters in flashy skins (outfits), and using matching and contrasting colours on my limited clothing options (small town life).
Due to environment and lifestyle, I mostly suppressed my creative side all throughout my 20s, but I still had to have pretty things...I guess working in the oilfield can do that to a person. And then I quit! I quit my oilfield electrical job, got a dog, and moved back to the area I grew up in, near Nelson BC. No plan in sight. 
It wasn’t until then that I started shooting and editing landscape and nature photos on my phone, and realizing that I really enjoyed it. I quickly decided that I was going to take photos of people, since I had been following creative lifestyle/portrait/boudoir photographers on Instagram for quite some time. That was the start of my journey to where I am now.
It didn’t take long for me to start practicing by putting together creative shoots for myself, which is how everything really kicked off. Through photographing and recording myself, I’ve gained somewhat large followings on Instagram and TikTok (@ragebeloved), acted as both photographer and model for more than a handful of romance novel covers, and have met and networked with some amazing people! Along my current creative path as a professional photographer, I’ve mainly shot lifestyle, portrait, boudoir, and dark fantasy photos.
Now that I have a good handle on everything on both sides of the lens, I’m ready to expand my knowledge and experience by offering my skills and services to the public, and have excitedly teamed up with Nora at BUD + BLOOM to bring you exactly that! I can’t wait to meet you and make magic together!

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